Our terms are designed with our clients in mind to ensure openess and accountability from all parties. All clients regardless of services used are bound by theses terms. If you have any questions please email us at: [email protected]


This is a sample contract between the service provider Z14, hereby referred to by “we, us, our, Z14” and a client, hereby referred to as “You, client”.


At Z14 we will always do our best to make sure we provide you with the best service possible. It is however important to have things written down just in case something goes wrong. This agreement is a general agreement and is required for all of our clients. It ensures you understand how our company operates, what we provide and what your responsibilities are. If anything is unclear please do not hesitate to ask us. As this contract is individual between Z14 and you we will strike through any parts which do not apply to your circumstance.

  • Scope of work
    1. Work is clearly defined according to Z14’s price list, this includes what is supplied by the client, without which we cannot continue.
    2. For paid plans and packages please ensure you are aware of what each plan includes, any work over and above this will be charged separately.

  • Contact methods, Response times and working hours
    1. Z14’s technicians work between the hours of 8am and 8pm between Monday and Friday, they will endeavour to respond to any emails or messages received between these hours within 2 hours, (this may just be an acknowledgement of receipt if more information from other sources is required. Any contact made outside these times has no guarantee of response until the next working day.
    2. None of our personal contact information will be given out, this includes personal email addresses or phone numbers, instead, company numbers, messaging services, email addresses and skype accounts will allow easy communication with our staff.

  • Revisions, Turnaround Time and Hourly work
      1. The number of revisions is also declared in the price list or quote.
      2. One revision constitutes a single email or document containing all changes to the article or a call with one of Z14’s technicians in which all changes are declared.
      3. Once the designated number of revisions is exceeded work is charged by an hourly rate. Please be aware that unless a cap is stipulated by the client work will continue until the original goal is met, in cases of complex technical challenges or correcting previous issues large costs may incur.
      4. Turnaround time stipulates the time between receipt of the request (if within working hours)  and its completion, it is important to be aware of the fact that the time is purely a guide and that some jobs may require more, or less time to complete.
      5. As Z14 is a relatively small company it is unlikely that multiple jobs are completed at once, it is therefore important to realize that larger orders of content may take longer to produce or may be produced in staggered stages.
  • Website Design Terms
    1. Clients may choose to have access to the back end of their website both during and after production and finalization, however during this time any edits or changes made by the client are done so at their own risk, an hourly rate for work which results from client error will be charged.
    2. We assume no liability for the content of your site, this includes but is not limited to copyrighted images or text.
    3. Z14’s team works hard to produce the best website for you and your company, however we are not responsible for your overall business success, we will continue to advise you throughout the website design process however all design, graphic and copyrighting decisions will be signed off with you.

  • Website Hosting Terms
    1. Unless partnered with Z14’s website development services or hosting transfer package website hosting is a standalone feature and Z14’s team will be unable to assist you with setup and transfer.
    2. The client has full control of their hosting panel and is therefore responsible for any errors or mistakes which occur, an hourly rate will be charged for support outside of email advice.
    3. Z14’s hosting team strives for 99.9% uptime and regular backups, however please be aware that we use a number of external service providers and are therefore not responsible for any loss of data, data breaches or service outages.
    4. It is your responsibility to ensure that your hosting account conforms to international laws and regulations, if Z14 receives a complaint regarding your hosting account Z14 will attempt to contact you before taking action, however depending on the severity of the complaint Z14 may be forced to suspend your account until the matter can be resolved.
    5. By hosting with us you agree to Cloudflair’s terms and conditions, along with other software/hosting partners: Cpanel, Softaculous, OVH Cloud, Contabo Cloud.

  • Marketing Terms
    1. Z14 will never post something on your social media channels without your permission, therefore we accept no legal responsibility for your social media accounts or responsibility for media created by Z14 but approved by you.
    2. We utilise a number of third party services including your scheduling and automation programs, we are therefore not responsible for any errors, glitches or unwanted actions which occur as a result of these services.
    3. Our social media and content creation services follow industry best practices as well as constantly changing to best suit the online markets, however, we cannot guarantee the success of your company or product. It is up to you to ensure that you completed adequate market research and have selected an appropriate target market.
  • Branding and Terms of use
    1. Z14 reserves the right to place text or an image on all content we produce including any media posts and websites we create. We will endeavour to do so in a subtle manner.
    2. Z14 also reserves the right to use any work created by our technicians in our portfolio and on our website.

  • Termination and Breaches of agreement
    1. In the event that either party wants to exit this agreement Z14 must receive an official with a statement to that effect. Work on any related projects will cease immediately and all worked hours logged and work invoiced for.
    2. In the event that the client is owed work (e.g if they paid for an image package) the remaining balance of funds will be refunded.
    3. The client can stop paying for subscription based services at the end of the stipulated term in the price list, provided the client has given notice of at least 36 hours before the renewal date. 

  • Payment
    1. In the event that the client has chosen to pay for their services in a lump sum this amount will be calculated and invoiced for. 
    2. If the service being paid for is a recurring or monthly cost the client will be notified when they are nearing the end of their term by the email they have stipulated and asked if they want to renew their contract. 
    3. Renewal must be completed and paid for with 36 hours advance notice before the end of their previously stipulated term, this is to remove the need for the service to be re-setup and incurring extra costs.
    4. Non-Monthly payments must be made within one month of the invoice being sent to the client, after 10 working days a 1st reminder will be sent and at 25 a second will be sent. No further reminders will be sent.
    5. For monthly payment schemes Z14 will continue to own your content until the final payment has been made at which time we will remove all control we have over your content. For websites this may include but is not limited to limitations on admins and super admins. 
    6. Monthly payments must be made within two week of the invoice being sent to the client, after 5 working days a 1st reminder will be sent and after 8 a second will be sent. No further reminders will be sent.
    7. Following the final reminder and non payment the following procedure will be instituted:
  • A non-payment email or communication will be made.
  • Your site will be suspended immediately and a reactivation fee will be incurred (£20 flat rate + outstanding amounts).
  • Should payment not be made within 15 days of suspension, interest will be incurred.
  • We will continue to hold your data for 90 days, after which time it will be deleted.