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  • Accounting made easy

Automate invoices, take online payments…

With Invoice Ninja you can completely automate your invoicing, payment records, expense tracking, proposals, tasks and more (including a customer dashboard and online payments).

Starts at R200 (£10)/pm

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  • Grow without limits

Own a private cloud (files, tasks, video calls, calendars…)

Replace Google Suite today. Simplify all your online organization with a private cloud with 25+ apps. Manage your employees/clients access, and offer a secure one stop environment for all your file sharing and digital tools. Powered by Nextcloud.

Starts at R250 (£13)/pm

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  • Support your customers effectively 

Online help desk and email ticketing system

Offer your customers an easy to use portal to submit queries online, view FAQ, and automate email help requests to digital tickets.  Powered with Hesk.

Starts at R200 (£10)/pm

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  • Digital marketing made easy

Automate your online marketing, from start to finish

Manage campaigns, create signup forms, landing pages, beautiful emails, track stats, and more using Mautic’s easy to use interface.

Starts at R200 (£10)/pm

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And 35+ other online software solutions. Want to transform your operations into the cloud? We can help.

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