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Z14 is here to assist on any digital requirements, read more below about who we are and how we operate.

Z14 is a multi digital service provider, with a focus on our customers. We are a team of young experienced individuals who strive to stay up to date on the latest digital standards, and building future proof offerings.

Our team leaders are Finn Ractliffe and Kai Parsons, we have been working together for the last five years in the space and each have our own specialties. They love to work on projects together and often bring their brains together to develop new and innovative ways to push your brand forward.

We only offer services in which we can uphold a very high standard. Our main services are Web Development, Graphic Design , Maintenance, Corporate tool setup, and hosting.

We differentiate our offerings in many ways but primarily by: Focusing on our client 100%, this entails ensuring our finished product is aligned fully with the brand’s appearance and successfully executes the brands digital goals.  Premium work always, we do not create “cheap and it kind of works” solutions as many new providers do, our work upholds a high standard and always includes a chance for customer feedback. We have experienced developers; while we use WordPress as our main platform we are skilled in all web centered programming languages/frameworks (PHP, JS, HTML/CSS, Node, React…) and have years of experience in the industry + university degrees to back us up. All of this means we can offer bespoke solutions that are guaranteed to be effective.

Our vision is to offer a full-suite of digital services to help business’s expand online and thrive in the digital space.

Our mission helps us fulfill this: We work consistently  on expanding our skills, learning industry trends, and refining our work flow to offer highly tailored and powerful solutions.

Finn Ractliffe
Finn RactliffeCo-Founder and Graphics Specalist
Currently Studying Mechatronics and Robotic Engineering at the University of Birmingham Finn is the graphics and creatives specialist, working in a number of programs and services he helps you see your website reach its full beautiful potential.
Kai Parsons
Kai ParsonsCo-Founder and Lead Developer
Kai brings your visions to life, adding responsive features and animations to your website and sourcing and embedding plugins in order to integrate your products and services using his skills from his degree in Computer Science from the University of London

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With years of experience, educated and future orientated staff. We are able to offer  very unique and effective digital services and offerings.


We hate when people overcharge (quite a common practice for many in the industry…). We ensure our offerings are aligned with your budget, always.

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